How to Know You're Full

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3 Tips to Know That You Are Full After a Meal

So often, a person eats all the right things and doesn’t eat all the wrong things in life… And yet, they still can’t figure out why they’re not able to lose weight. There are probably a few things going on with that body, and to learn more about the top three reasons a person can’t lose weight, you should sign up for the Skinny Up! mailing list by clicking here. There is a simple reason, though, why you might not be able to stop gaining weight even though you’re eating foods that are good for you. This simple reason might be that you are overeating, and there are simple ways to combat that.

Here are 3 easy tips to know that you are full:

Number 1. Remember that your stomach is the size of your fist. Stomachs are somewhat stretchy, so if a person overeats every meal for years, their stomach is going to grow a bit. So as you begin a meal, you need to remember the space that you’re trying to fill. A smaller plate might be a great way to approach a meal. Or maybe you’re a bowler… everything in a bowl; mix it up and eat it. Whatever your approach, remember that your stomach is probably smaller than how you’ve been treating it, and it’s time to cut it back to the correct amount of food that your body needs. You might be thinking, “But I’ll be hungry!” That’s true, you might feel hungry for the first little bit of transitioning back to eating the correct amount of food in life, but remember that you are a creature of habit. Your body falls into that that habit as well, so it may take a few days to fall out of that habit. For the overall health and fitness of your body, though? Worth it. Number 2. Chew your food really well. Slow down, take it easy. Remember that chewing is a very key piece of the digestion process. Chewing your food really well will slow you down so that you’re really able to know when you become full and not when you’re way past the full point and now you’re busting at the seams. Have a conversation, let your hair down, really enjoy that food. Did you know that the enzymes in your stomach actually start to break down food the moment it gets there? If you eat at a slow pace, the enzymes are able to better keep up with you and       digest food as you go. This process will be what notifies your brain that you are full from that meal. If you eat too fast, and don’t chew your food, your stomach has to break down bigger pieces of food and has a ton of it. It’s this fast overeating process that can cause a person to gain weight and not understand why. Sometimes it’s not what you eat, but how much you eat. Or in this case, how fast you eat. Number 3. Look for the yawn. This is probably the best piece of advice to help you not over eat. Keeping the first two in mind, you need to “look for the yawn” at the end of your meal. When your stomach becomes full, it will stretch just enough to touch the bottom of your diaphragm. When that happens, you will naturally take in a deep, big breath that will kind of feel like a yawn. This is the signal that your stomach is full and you should be done eating. Allow yourself one final bite (and really make it good!) and be done with that meal.
The first two tips really help you to be able to know and anticipate this final breath that is such a good way to know that you are, in fact, full and you should be done eating. If you follow this easy tip, you won’t gain weight. You’ll be able to remain as thin as you are with no trouble.

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