Explaining The Causes Of Common Candida Overgrowth Symptoms Part 1

Today, more and more Americans are simply not feeling well. From increasing fatigue to sinus problems, joint pains, and more, people are ailing from a range of common symptoms with no clear cause. If you have been dealing with problems such as brain fog and unhealthy sugar cravings, candida overgrowth may be to blame. This fungi, commonly referred to as yeast, is the most common cause for infections in humans across the globe. In normal concentrations, candida plays an important role in the balance of bacteria in your gut, but increased amounts can lead to candidiasis. Health-seekers everywhere are questing for a yeast cleanse that can help to restore the balance of this detrimental organism. Instead of dealing with a yeast overgrowth, it’s important to seek out a quality candida treatment to restore your energy and prevent future problems. Skinny Up!® is proud to be your source for all-natural weight loss supplements, utilizing all-natural and doctor-approved ingredients to ingredients to help people make a positive change in their lives.* Yeast Redux is our trusted candida cleanse tailored specifically to target your digestive health. These weight loss drops help to stop the growth of yeast, restoring the balance of your gut while promoting proper healing measures.** Our goal was to help people minimize these common and disruptive symptoms by working to restore your digestive tract. Today, we’ll look at a few of the most common symptoms of candida overgrowth, as well as the causes behind these ailments. If you’re in need of a candida supplement that can help to restore your clarity and energy, be sure to try a bottle of Yeast Redux today!

Constant Fatigue

We’ve all been there: 7 a.m., head in your hands, unable to muster the energy to take on the day. Tiredness and fatigue are a regular part of life, but if you are sleepy beyond normal parameters, yeast overgrowth may be to blame. Problems such as “leaky gut” can develop if your candidiasis is allowed to run rampant. There are two key elements suspected in making you tired when dealing with candida overgrowth:
  1. Nutritional deficiencies. Yeast thrives on sugar, blocking your body’s ability to absorb healthful nutrients in the process. Vitamins and minerals, including magnesium and vitamin B6, are vital for feeling energized and refreshed.
  2. Weakened immune systems. As your body tries to establish control over this candida problem, your immune system pays the toll. Individuals with weakened immune systems often experience fatigue, as the body needs to recover to boost infection-fighting capabilities.
Your body relies on rest and proper nutrition to retain optimal immune functions. Candida overgrowth can run rampant when your immune response is compromised, keeping you fatigued and worn-out. This problem is prevalent and often untreated, affecting millions of Americans on a daily basis. Our candida cleanse can help you to stop sugar cravings and regain the energy you need to make the most out if life!*

Digestive Complications

At the center of this problem is your digestive tract, which relies on a harmonic balance between the good and bad agents residing there, as this balance allows good bacteria to aid in digestion. When candida has the ability to overgrow the good bacteria, your body is less able to digest food or absorb nutrients. Digestive issues can develop, resulting in problems such as gas, nausea, cramps, and so on. Keep in mind that your digestive tract is much like a window into your overall health. If you experience problems when processing food, numerous symptoms will present themselves to keep you informed. People who experience continual stomach problems may be able to benefit from a bottle of our Yeast Redux. There have been many conflicting theories around what leaky gut entails. The yeast lining your stomach will impede digestive processes, damaging the membrane along your digestive tract that works to allow nutrients to flow into the blood while keeping toxins at bay. If your body’s immune system is compromised, the gaps in the wall may begin to spread, allowing more junk to leak into the bloodstream. Individuals who ail from leaky gut can experience a wide range of problems beyond the gut, as their blood takes these toxins across the body! Ultimately, yeast overgrowth can create the most centralized problems around your digestive system. Keep in mind that toxins can travel throughout the body, affecting other areas in the process.

Frequent Headaches

Candida overgrowth has been linked to 79 toxins that are released into the body. Unfortunately, many of these toxins can have an immediate and disruptive effect on your life. Acetaldehyde, for example, is one compound that is commonly used in alcohol consumption and processing. This toxin is what causes the bad feelings of your hangover! Individuals who experience frequent headaches in addition to fatigue and digestive issues may be dealing with the toxic results of candidiasis. Next time, we’ll continue this post by highlighting a few more symptoms associated with candida overgrowth and their causes. If you’re in need of a candida cleanse that provides healthful support to restore your body, Skinny Up!® is here to help!* Our team is proud to provide Yeast Redux, a product that relies on all-natural ingredients such as dandelion root, burdock root, and red clover. All of our weight loss supplements and yeast cleanse products are FDA lab-certified and are now available over the counter. Contact us today to learn more or try a bottle for yourself!

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