Emotional Regulation & Weight Loss

The ability to stay in control of one’s emotions and actions through stressful situations is a skill that every person benefit from. That’s what we mean when we talk about emotional regulation. Simply put, emotional regulation is taking into account the situation that you’re in, recognizing the emotions you are feeling, and still behaving in a socially acceptable and healthy manner. Emotional regulation is vital when it comes to weight loss because it is a completely normal thing to allow food to be a comforter in life. This can be a healthy and helpful comfort when we need a little space, so we go and take our lunch break away from the stressor. That is not the same, however, as when something stressful happens and it totally derails us, sending us to eat an entire tub of ice cream. Especially if that seems to happen a few times each week. At that point, some emotional regulation practice might be helpful. During the Skinny Up!® Protocol, self-discipline is required. It is a pretty restricted eating protocol, and therefore there really isn’t any room for cheating. While Skinny Up!® Reduce works to direct the appetite to the stored nutrition in the body’s fat cells and Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux works to kill candida overgrowth thus getting rid of sugar cravings, there is still a measure of self-control that is needed. No product will ever be able to control the situations you are in and the emotions that can bubble out of them. Skinny Up!® products do an excellent job of addressing the physical components of weight loss. Emotions, however, are another story and one that only you can address. One helpful tool in improving emotional regulation skills is practicing mindfulness. A simple definition of mindfulness is being aware of your thoughts as you are thinking them. It’s like taking a step back inside of your head and recognizing what you are thinking as you are thinking it.  This skill is helpful because when we are aware of the thoughts we’re having, we are more aware of the emotions and judgements that can spring up as well.

There are many ways to practice, but one of the simplest is to simple sit quietly for a moment.

Get in a comfortable position, eyes closed, breathing deeply. Let yourself sit in that moment and simply be aware of what you’re thinking and what you’re feeling. You don’t need to ask questions like, “How did I get to that thought?” or “What am I thinking?” Just be aware. Getting into the habit of taking a few moments to be alone and quiet in this way can improve the way that we respond to stressors in life. This will help when it comes to weight loss, but it will help even more in relationships, jobs, or really any type of social setting. Remember that you are in control of your actions, no matter the emotions that spring up. The practice of being aware and staying in control are helpful in allowing yourself to think through the why behind emotions you feel and releasing them in a productive or positive way. You are in charge, don’t forget.

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