The Most Common Causes Of Candida Overgrowth Part 2

Today, health professionals and nutrition specialists alike are realizing the importance that the digestive system plays in overall health. Problems with your stomach and intestines can result in problematic symptoms all over the body, which disrupt daily routines and severely affect your quality of life. Candida overgrowth is one prevalent issue that affects more people than ever before, with high-sugar diets and the prevalence of immune-compromising elements that can promote the perfect environment for this yeast to thrive in. Skinny Up!® is a provider of natural weight loss supplements that rely on all-natural ingredients to give consumers the power to take control back over their health.* Our Yeast Redux, for example, is a Candida cleanse that helps to fight the bacteria at its source, stopping sugar cravings while promoting optimal healing for your gut.** The yeast Redux Candida treatment is both doctor-approved and FDA-certified in a lab for quality and consistency. While our products work to help you regain your health, you may not know what the root cause was for your Candida overgrowth. Today, we’ll conclude our two-part series by highlighting a few more common causes of yeast issues in the body. When done, be sure to try a bottle for yourself!

Chemical Components

The chemicals used to in our society may be beneficial overall, but the combined effects on your body can create serious health concerns. Any chemical that weakens the immune system can work to create the right conditions for Candida overgrowth. Chlorine, for example, works as a disinfectant to keep your water clean from harmful agents. This chemical is used in swimming pools for cleanliness, but it is also often used in drinking water for the same purpose. Fluoride is another chemical that is injected into the water supply to protect your teeth from decay. While helpful for retaining a beautiful smile, this product can also work to compromise your body’s ability to fight off yeast growth. These chemicals are also harmful because they affect the balance in your gut as well. Chlorine obtains clean water by killing all of the pathogens that are present. When you drink enough of this chemical, your digestive tract will begin to lose its good bacteria. Combine immune problems with the lack of a strong defense and it should be easy to see why our Candida cleanse is in such high demand!

Diabetic Complications

Individuals who have to manage their Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes may be at a higher risk for developing complications from a Candida overgrowth. As always, this reason is twofold:
  1. High sugar levels. Similar to the problems associated with Cortisone, diabetics have more sugar available in their blood. When not properly managed, high blood sugar levels can feed yeast and it’s never-ending appetite for sugar.
  2. Weakened immune capabilities. Scientific studies have shown that high blood sugar levels can disrupt your immune system’s ability to identify pathogens, allowing Candida to thrive in its pathogenic form.
If you are diabetic, it can prove extremely challenging to maintain blood sugar levels, especially when you are plagued with a litany of health issues related to Candida overgrowth.

Antibiotic Overuse

The most common cause of Candida overgrowth is the heavy use of antibiotics in our society. While these medications can be lifesaving, they can also affect your gut health in a negative way. The purpose of antibiotics is to kill off the harmful bacteria in your body, eliminating illness and returning your body back to its normal state. Unfortunately, antibiotics also clear out the good bacteria in the digestive tract, disrupting the balance of your body and allowing harmful agents to grow back in full force. While antibiotics are often necessary, they are also prescribed unnecessarily by modern doctors. If you suffer from a bad cold, antibiotics may be prescribed to help clear out any negative agents in the body. Antibiotics are also becoming a concern when it comes to the food we eat. Animals that are raised to feed hungry Americans are often fed antibiotics for the best returns, yet this second-hand exposure can affect the human body more than we thought! Identifying these causes and creating beneficial solutions is one smart way to stop the spread of Candida problems. For quality long-term results, we recommend you avoid or minimize exposure to the causes we have mentioned. You can also invest in our Yeast Redux, which works to be a comprehensive Candida cleanse to fight sugar cravings, balance the gut, and restore your mental clarity.** As a Skinny Up!® product, this yeast cleanse is comprised of all-natural ingredients that promote healthy restoration of the digestive tract. If you are in need of our Candida treatment or one of our natural weight loss supplements, be sure to check out our online shop today!

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