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Skinny Up!® Maintain is your go-to product for weight loss maintenance. This safe appetite suppressant is typically used after Skinny Up!® Reduce and is utilized during the Retrain Phase, where your weight loss diet plan is complete and it’s time to reset your metabolism, normal weight, and hunger level.* Skinny Up!® Maintain is specifically designed to combat the cravings for sugars, carbohydrates, and fats** while giving your body awesome support as it learns what normal is going to be. Your body has become accustomed to this type of diet and will continue to crave such foods after your diet plan and weight loss goals are achieved.

Made Right

The success of our line of natural weight loss drops can be attributed to the effectiveness of the ingredients used. Skinny Up!® Maintain was designed and thoroughly tested to gauge the proficiency at which each ingredient helps in the overall weight loss supplement. The combination of high-quality ingredients work together to help you maintain your goal weight.** These ingredients consist of:

  • Amino Acids. This unique combo works to rewire your brain in the Retrain process. Cravings for protein are often satiated with help from the proper amino acids.*
  • B6 and B12 vitamins. These two ingredients help with stress relief and promote a happier, more energetic approach to weight loss.*
  • Hoodia for the Hypothalamus. This all-natural supplement works to take weight loss to the max, and train your hypothalamus to recognize new normal levels of hunger, weight, and metabolism. An additional benefit is the redirection of your cravings from sugary junk foods to happier, healthier options.*
  • Glucomannan. A popular water-soluble polysaccharide, this supplement helps to control your body’s insulin levels and aid in reducing cravings via proper blood sugar levels.*

Skinny Up!® Maintain is available as an effective hunger suppressant.* Once your weight and health goals have been achieved, steps need to be taken to ensure that pesky weight does not come back. Our weight loss support product can also help as a lifelong daily aid in maintaining a healthy sugar-free lifestyle with great energy.**

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Skinny Up!® Maintain is utilized during the Retrain Phase. It helps curb any cravings for starches and sugars. The Retrain Phase is three weeks long

1 review for Skinny Up!® Maintain

  1. Kelly

    Skinny Up doesn’t have to just be about the Skinny! I discovered this product early in 2015 when I was just recovering from serious illness and health issues. I wanted to jump start some weight loss since my doctors had finally cleared me to exercise again – but what I got was even better! During my time on Skinny Up I began to notice things that I hadn’t seen in a long time. My skin was clear, my nails were growing and my energy levels were no longer plagued with fatigue. I thought that maybe it was just one of the side effects of going 21 days without sugar… but the funniest thing happened. After I completed the Reduce and Maintain – I kept off sugar… but saw my physical benefits slow and start to fade. You see “Maintain” isn’t just about weight loss. It is about providing your body with the vital nutrients to keep it operating at it’s best! And for me… it was the first vitamin complex that my body could absorb and process properly – make it in the first “multi-vitamin” style formula that actually WORKED to help heal my sickness instead of hurt it! I know this is just my personal story and that Skinny Up may not have been created as a vitamin supplement… but still to this day I take “Maintain” on a daily basis – and it has made a major impact on my health, so I thought I would share with those of you on the SU journey and those who are contemplating trying it. Because I’m so thankful I did – and I hope you would be too!

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