It is necessary to follow the eating plan as written

“Hi, unfortunately I did not do before and after photos.  I did however have success with losing 15 lbs in the 3 months that I used Skinny Up!®.   It is necessary to follow the eating plan as written. I’ve just recently retired and have no income coming in until June but it is my intention…read more

I have lost 21 pounds

“I first received Skinny Up!® drops from a weight loss doctor. I was doing the hcg shots but just had skin cancer so they wouldn’t give me the hcg, and offered me Skinny Up!®. I lost on the drops as well as the shots. They were the same price as the hcg shots. I thought…read more

The drops are easy to take and the protocol is easy to follow

“Started the protocol last Wednesday at 179lbs, today Monday I weighed 172lbs! feeling great! I know I have a long way to go to loose 30lbs total hopefully, but I’m going to stick with it. I really like the product so far. The drops are easy to take and the protocol is easy to follow,…read more

I found out I had thyroid disease

“Hi my name is Gwen and I started my Skinny Up!® journey in 2018! I found out I had thyroid disease a couple years ago after I had my first baby. From there I struggled to lose weight and it was so depressing. The doctors told me without a functioning thyroid it would be almost…read more

I have lost 20 pounds and two pants sizes in the past 6 months

“A friend of mine and walking partner recommended the Skinny Up!® program to me. I was skeptical at first, but now I tell everyone I can about the program. I have lost more weight with your products in the past six months than 20 years of trying different diet products. I could never lose more…read more

I am 14 days in and I have lost 15 lbs!

“I am LOVING this program.  I am 14 days in and have lost 15lbs!!  My co-workers all want to know what I’m doing.  They say they can see it in my face and all over.  I don’t see it yet, but Dang!! I am sleeping like I did when I was a teenager and feeling…read more

December 177 and as of today 156!!

“Skinny Up!® has changed my life!! I’ve always struggled with weight, I had that “pregnant look” all the time and hated it so much. I would start diets and always stop then start then stop. Well one day a friend I haven’t seen in a long time told me about her diet plan with drops…read more

My cravings are less; my energy is high

“In the Spring on 2018, my rheumatologist put me on steroids for my lupus. I immediately gained 15 lbs. I could not button my jeans or pants. My shirts were tight in the shoulders. I saw an ad for Skinny Up!® online. I debated for days. But I called the company and they were beyond…read more