Anyone can do this and it’s so rewarding.

I started Skinny Up!® on May 9th and I end tomorrow.  I started at 162 and my current weight is 143.4.  My goal was to get to 144 so I surpassed my goal and I am guessing I will be at 142 tomorrow!!  It was extremely easy–the hardest part is getting over the “mental hunger.”  I was never physically hungry but with the cravings and my love of food–the mental part was tough but hang in there….that only lasted a few days and when you see the scale descending you will know it was all worth it!!!  Anyone can do this and it’s so rewarding.  I have done Skinny Up!® a few years ago with just as amazing outcomes but then began garbage eating again.  Anything worth having requires effort.  It’s so easy–if you are on the fence take the first step to a better you

-Roberta L.