Overfed and Undernourished

Why are we hungry… is that a bad thing? There’s a reason that we can’t just eat one Lay’s potato chip. It’s filled with everything but potatoes. Chemicals, fillers, nutrients that were taken out in one phase of production and synthetically put back in later in the end product. These chemicals are specifically designed to…read more

What Really Satisfies: Health

When you’re in the thick of it, when you feel like you’re overwhelmed and you don’t have a vacation on the schedule, not a relaxing one anyways, and you’re ready to go eat that tub of ice cream by yourself… don’t. It won’t satisfy. You might feel better in the 15 seconds that you have…read more

What To Do About Toxicity

What To Do About Toxicity   “In modern day American society, we are under constant barrage of toxins that we have no idea exist… From the can of tuna containing mercury in the meat, to the toxicity of the tuna can itself. From the cement factory in town that blows chemicals across the city, to…read more

Santa Claus Isn’t Real

How old were you before you figured out that Santa Claus is not real. That he did not, in fact, come down a chimney that probably didn’t exist in your house anyway. That he didn’t fly all over the world in 24 hours with a really large bag that had all the Christmas toys in…read more

Taking a Look at 2019

Taking a Look at 2019 Are you one to set goals for the new year? Have you already set a few goals you’ve already thrown out the window? Or are you feeling pretty stellar a few weeks into 2019 – if so, way to go! I’ve found when I write and plan out specific goals…read more

The Gift of Health

The Gift of Health Who says the season of giving is over? Maybe you were a part of culture who celebrated this past month with gifts and family gatherings. Perhaps it was stressful, or perhaps it’s something you truly enjoy.  Either way, how much time did you allocate to you? The new year is a…read more

Setting Appropriate Weight Loss Goals

Have you ever struggled with setting a real, doable goal when it comes to weight loss? It seems like every January we all take into account what we’d like to see happen in the new year… and that’s a good thing! It is good to get some perspective and really look at the habits that…read more

Here Comes that Time of Year Again!

Here comes that time of the year again! This is by far the best time of the year to get your diet in order. It is also the best time of the year to gain some serious weight. Therefore, it is a good idea strategize now for the upcoming parties, get-togethers and tendencies of the…read more

5 Tips to Develop GRIT in Your Life

What does it take to have grit? What does it take to persevere and finally reach the goals we’ve been talking about about for the past few years or maybe the past few decades? Angela Duckworth is a professor of psychology and pioneer in grit research.  In study after study, she has found that “where…read more

Tips for ‘Skinny’ Travelling

Travelling over the holidays? Nervous about heading the wrong way on the scale after you’ve worked hard to get the weight off this fall? We’re here for you, friend. If you’ve just put in a solid few weeks or months of getting to your body’s ideal weight and are feeling nervous about heading out on…read more