10 Ways to Keep the Weight Off

Healthy food, measuring tape, and scale for weight loss

So, you’ve been working hard and managed to shed a few pounds for swimsuit season (or that dream wedding dress, perhaps?). Congratulations! Chances are, you’re feeling more confident and healthy than ever. Now that you’ve achieved a weight that you’re proud of, it’s time to create a plan to keep the extra pounds off.  …read more

5 Ways to Lose Weight This Summer

Woman staring at the ocean during summer

Summer weight loss is just like weight loss at any other time of the year… except it’s during the summer. But it feels like a different animal because we typically wear less clothing. So we notice that excess weight a little more. It is true that sustainable weight loss and weight loss maintenance requires a…read more

6 Tips for Getting Healthy Sleep

Woman waking up after getting a good night's sleep

Whether you’re starting a new diet, job or exercise routine, health professionals seem to be on the same page: One of the best things you can do for your body is get adequate sleep.   The secret’s out, a good night’s sleep comes with a myriad of benefits, such as heart health, reduced stress, memory…read more

Starvation Versus Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting has been often confused with the idea of ‘starving’ yourself to lose weight. One is an excellent part of a controlled way of approach and the other is unhealthy and unwise. People starve themselves by eating little to nothing in an attempt to control their ‘out of control’ relationship with food. This is…read more

Candida 101: What is Candida Overgrowth?

  What is Candida Overgrowth? Candida comes in many different forms, but the most common form found in the human body is candida albicans.  In short, candida is a yeast that grows within the human body. Candida can exist all throughout the human body. The science and medical communities are unsure if candida is present…read more

Loading Matters

Imagine a bow and arrow. If you want the arrow to really go far, you need to pull the string back as far as you can. It takes the effort of going backwards, just a little bit, in order to have a great forward movement. The same is true when it comes to loading and…read more

The Roaring 20’s

Flappers. Speakeasys. Parties like you’ve never seen… alright, maybe that was just in The Great Gatsby. But it is true that the 20’s were a time of breakthrough, and decided movement into the future. What would it look like for the 2020’s to have a similar attitude for you? You see, that’s a beautiful thing…read more

Questions to Ask Yourself When Prepping for Skinny Up!®

Things to think through when deciding whether or not to do Skinny Up!® Do you have weight to lose? This is a pretty personal question. It depends on how you feel, your health, and what your goals are in life. We never get to look at another person and decide that they have weight to…read more

8 Do’s and Don’ts of Weight Loss

Woman measuring waist for weight loss

  There are opinions about weight loss everywhere. Almost every person you meet will tell you (with confidence!) exactly what you need to do in order to lose the weight that you’ve been struggling with for years. They have the best intentions, but do they really know what they’re talking about? With years of experience…read more

Weight Loss & Saggy Skin

We often hear about the fact that as our clients lose weight and most lose it very quickly, don’t seem to have the often-tragic consequence of sagging skin. Many programs like bariatric stomach bypass cause such dramatic and unhealthy weight loss that the body is left with basically only its shell of skin that hangs…read more