What Really Satisfies: Health

When you’re in the thick of it, when you feel like you’re overwhelmed and you don’t have a vacation on the schedule, not a relaxing one anyways, and you’re ready to go eat that tub of ice cream by yourself… don’t. It won’t satisfy. You might feel better in the 15 seconds that you have…read more

New Head Space

There are some fairly common results that most people report when they lose a significant amount of weight.  Even if you and I have never gone through a weight loss process, we could probably sit down together and brainstorm a list of results that seem obvious to us.  Our list might look like this: That…read more

Why Eating Less is a Good Thing

Eating less allows the body to concentrate on something besides digesting food. Food is important, don’t get me wrong. The body is built for digestion but when we spend, say, 23 out of every 24 hours digesting the food that we ate during that day, when do we have time to allow the body to…read more

Staying Slim Through the Holiday Season

Can you believe that in it’s already the holiday season? It’s that time of the year when it seems everything smells like cinnamon, the radio is already saturated with holiday music, and there seems to be a get-together every weekend. This can be a tough season to navigate, especially if you’ve just put in the…read more

5 Tips on Stress Relief

Five Tips on Stress Relief While it may be exciting to think of the upcoming holidays, in many cases the season is associated with stress and headaches. Because we are emotional beings our stress can affect our overall health and prevent weight loss. Here at Skinny Up!® we are pro weight loss, stress relief, and…read more

Tips for ‘Skinny’ Travelling

Travelling over the holidays? Nervous about heading the wrong way on the scale after you’ve worked hard to get the weight off this fall? We’re here for you, friend. If you’ve just put in a solid few weeks or months of getting to your body’s ideal weight and are feeling nervous about heading out on…read more

Getting Through the Holiday Season

That’s quite an idea, isn’t it? “Getting through the holiday season…” Aren’t the holidays supposed to be full of excitement and joy? Why is it that some of the most stress in life can bubble up during this season? So, let’s talk about some of the things that are common stressors and then what to…read more

Strategies for Successful Intermittent Fasting

Hopefully you already know the ‘why’ behind intermittent fasting. If you haven’t read that blog, click here to get caught up. The Skinny Up!® Protocol does an extremely effective job at getting the body into a fat burning mode and uses an intermittent fasting approach to get there. While we don’t recommend that a person…read more

Sugar & Mood

The phrase, “you are what you eat” is literally true. Nutrients from the foods you eat food provide the foundation of the structure, function, and integrity of every little cell in your body, from your skin and hair to your muscles, bones, digestive and immune systems. -Cynthia Sass, RD You realize what this means, right?…read more

Goal Setting Encouragement

There is freedom In case you didn’t know, there is freedom within goal setting. So often, we feel pressure to have similar goals to people around us, but those don’t fuel us in life. They’re not our goals. And that is okay. I live in Colorado and there are a lot of mountains around, so…read more