10 Ways to Keep the Weight Off

Healthy food, measuring tape, and scale for weight loss

So, you’ve been working hard and managed to shed a few pounds for swimsuit season (or that dream wedding dress, perhaps?). Congratulations! Chances are, you’re feeling more confident and healthy than ever. Now that you’ve achieved a weight that you’re proud of, it’s time to create a plan to keep the extra pounds off.  …read more

5 Ways to Lose Weight This Summer

Woman staring at the ocean during summer

Summer weight loss is just like weight loss at any other time of the year… except it’s during the summer. But it feels like a different animal because we typically wear less clothing. So we notice that excess weight a little more. It is true that sustainable weight loss and weight loss maintenance requires a…read more

How to Start Your Candida Cleanse

Fresh lemon water pouring into glasses

You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. You’re ready to make a change, lose weight, and find wholeness again. You’re saying “no” to feeling foggy and unhappy; you’re saying “yes” to clarity and joy. You’re starting your candida cleanse.   We applaud you.   But how do you begin? What is this journey…read more

What Are the Causes of Weight Gain?

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Weight gain is multifaceted.   If you thought that we were obese as a nation before, imagine what might be coming in the very near future. With the concerns of the effects of this Covid-19 pandemic, stress will be on the rise, leading to stress eating.   There are so many factors causing weight-gain in…read more

6 Tips for Getting Healthy Sleep

Woman waking up after getting a good night's sleep

Whether you’re starting a new diet, job or exercise routine, health professionals seem to be on the same page: One of the best things you can do for your body is get adequate sleep.   The secret’s out, a good night’s sleep comes with a myriad of benefits, such as heart health, reduced stress, memory…read more

What Foods Can I Have While on The Candida Diet?

  A candida diet for purging the body of candida overgrowth is very strict. You are starving the candida yeast to reduce its size and reintroduce healthy bacteria to your gut. Candida diets are also referred to as candida cleanses. Essentially you are fighting back the candida overgrowth by eating healthier foods and removing harmful…read more

The Truth about Sugar Substitutes

Pile of sugar substitute

Sugar Substitutes The dark side of satisfying your sweet tooth at any cost Artificial Sweeteners Historically, artificial sweetener products have been called a ‘magic sweetener’ where you can attain the bliss of your out of control appetite with no consequences. Unfortunately, there are no such things as “no consequences.”   Eat to your heart’s content…read more

It Might Be Time to Detox

Why Should We Detox? Alright, you’ve heard of detox… we know.   Detoxification is important due to the many benefits it provides the body in terms of cleansing the body. Cellular detox, heavy metal detox, parasitic detox, yeast detox, sugar detox, etc are all forms of detoxing, but each serves its own purpose.   In…read more

5 Ways to De-Stress

The basic emotion behind stress is fear.   We fear a lack of time, of inadequacy, of financial consequences. We fear, then we stress, and we repeat the cycle – often. So often, you may be looking now for ways to calm your life, to destress. The first step of course, is getting to the…read more