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Crash diets, appetite suppressants, exercise, eating healthy, and trying the latest weight loss “miracle” solution don’t always deliver the results you are looking for. Whether due to genetics, diet, metabolic issues, hormonal changes, or other problems, obesity and weight gain are growing problems that affect millions of people across the globe, but you don’t have to be satisfied being a statistic any longer. It’s time to start looking at the real culprit and attacking it at the source. Get rid of your adipose tissue with Skinny Up!® Reduce!*



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Understanding your body, what is causing your weight gain or weight loss plateauing, and other symptoms you may be experiencing, is your first step toward becoming the thin, healthy, and happy person you know you can be. The most important thing to know is that being overweight is not your fault — and there is a solution.


The Problem – Adipose Tissue

Adipose tissue is naturally produced by your body for three reasons: insulation, cushion, and energy, and it is necessary in small quantities to keep your organs safe and your body warm. However, the problem of excessive weight gain comes when your body is receiving false signals and either:

  1. Making you crave an excessive amount of food or
  2. Not properly breaking down the existing fat for energy


The Causes of Weight Gain – Yeast Overgrowth

A healthy digestive system allows your body to get the nutrients it needs to thrive. In fact, when you have a healthy digestive system, your other organs and systems have their best chance to do their job and keep you energized, stable, and healthy. Conversely, when your digestive system starts to fail, your liver and kidneys stop performing at their best, your body loses its ability to break down fat, and your brain starts getting false hunger signals that are difficult, if not impossible, to refuse. One of the main causes of digestive problems is candida yeast overgrowth.

Yeast overgrowth is possible in a system that has been overexposed to highly processed foods and GMOs, particularly carbohydrates and sugars. Unfortunately, these are the main ingredients in our American diets, and they are deadly to your digestive system and your body as a whole. With yeast overgrowth comes an inability for your body to stop craving sugar and carbs, feel satisfied, and break down adipose tissue, meaning you keep gaining weight and can’t seem to lose it.


The Solution – SkinnyUp!® Reduce – Weight Loss Support With Probiotics

When you are dealing with weight gain or stalled weight loss due to yeast overgrowth, you need probiotic weight loss drops that will perform three specific functions:

  1. Stop the yeast overgrowth and promote healthy bacteria growth
  2. Target excess adipose tissue naturally
  3. Help control cravings


Skinny Up!® Reduce

Skinny Up!® Reduce is effective because it uses a combination of natural supplements that specifically support weight loss and all work together to stop yeast overgrowth in its tracks and eliminate stubborn visceral fat. By healing your digestive system and detoxing your system, your organ function will begin to improve, and you can start to feel more energy, reduced cravings, improved mental clarity, and be more well-rested.* Skinny Up!® Reduce has been scientifically tested more than any other product of its kind and it is doctor approved! With nearly immediate results*, when you try SkinnyUp!® you’ll be ready to start doing the Skinny Dance.


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