The Solution To Maintain Your Weight Loss

You’ve tried so many weight loss products, pills, diets, and fads, several of which helped you to lose the weight you want. However, as soon as you stop taking the supplement or start reintroducing foods back into your diet, you regain all of the weight you lost, maybe even more. It’s time for you to break free of this weight loss roller coaster and find a solution that works and helps maintain your weight loss with Skinny Up!® Maintain.**

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The Problem – Post-Diet Weight Gain

We understand that post-diet is the scariest part of any weight loss program, as you have fought hard to get down to your goal weight, and dread having to start all over again. If you have struggled with keeping weight off, finishing diets or plans only to watch as the numbers on the scale climb back up, it may not be your fault. The problem is your body has become accustomed to a certain lifestyle of heavy carbs, fats, sugars, and candida overgrowth.


The Cause of Post-Diet Weight Gain

Because your body is accustomed to a certain lifestyle and diet, it will return to craving those things, slowing its metabolism, and building up yeast as soon as your program is finished. Even while you do your best to exercise, eat right, and cut out sugar, your body will continue to crave the heavily processed foods you must avoid. This means you may always want that late-night dessert, morning donut, and lunchtime order of french fries. When you slip, your body will hold on to those carbs and sugars, building up visceral fat, and preventing your metabolism from functioning at full force.


The Solution – SkinnyUp!® Maintain

When you are looking to maintain your weight loss, your chosen solution must re-train your body by:

  1. Including healthy lifestyle changes
  2. Supporting and boosting your metabolism
  3. Regulating your insulin levels to curb cravings
  4. Helping you gently add good foods back into your diet


Skinny Up!® Maintain

Because Skinny Up! ® Maintain is a product supported by a team of doctors and specifically designed to fulfill each of these weight loss maintenance requirements, you are getting a natural solution that is so much more than your average glucomannan supplement or hypothalamus weight loss pill. Instead, we use a tested blend of specific natural ingredients, each with its own purpose, and formulated together to help you maintain your goal weight.**

These ingredients include:

Amino Acids – Each of these are chosen in order to re-train your brain to recognize quality protein, and satiate that need for protein when supplemented with the Skinny Up!® Maintain diet changes.

B6 and B12 – These help calm the mind and relieve stress in a natural, healthy way.

Hoodia for the Hypothalamus – This natural supplements help aid dropping pounds with our weight loss drops, but also helps to redirect your appetite toward foods that your body needs and away from carbs, sugars, and heavily-processed foods.

Glucomannan – This supplement helps to control the body’s insulin levels and bring its unhealthy cravings to a halt by balancing the blood sugar.

Skinny Up!® Maintain offers a completely unique look at post-diet lifestyle changes, and is specifically formulated to help you achieve and maintain your ideal weight.* Learn more about this product by contacting our experts, and order yours today!