Skinny Up!™ Diet Protocol

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The challenge of the dieter has always been not just losing fat – but specifically, losing adipose fat. How does a person gain direct access to the adipose, or “abnormal,” fat, where the body stores up a nice supply of nutrition, but also loads of toxicity? Wouldn’t it be great to by-pass the other two sources of fat in the body – the dermal fat (fat just under the skin) and the structural fat ( fat in places where we need crucial padding)- and go directly to the adipose fat?! Skinny Up!™ Reduce has been designed to help meet this challenge! When a person partakes of the Skinny Up!™ diet, accompanied with Skinny Up!™ Reduce, he or she will experience what we at Skinny Up!™ feel are the safest, fastest, healthiest and most optimal hormone-free weight loss results available.

What is Skinny Up!™ Reduce?

Skinny Up!™ Reduce is a proprietary blend of ingredients designed to affect the hypothalamus in an effort to re-engage and support a person’s metabolism by controlling hunger, improving digestion, energizing the adrenal/thyroid complex; and supporting the hypothalamus as a whole. Flower essences have been added to ease the anxiety often encountered when correcting the faulty habits of obesity.

Keep in mind: On the Skinny Up!™ protocol, you are partaking of a very low daily intake of calories through the mouth. But! You will be burning a few thousand calories each day directly from that adipose fat. That is why you won’t be hungry. You’ll be getting plenty to eat and your metabolism will be cranking. And that is why you are going to see an average daily weight loss that will fall between .5 to 2.0 pounds over the course of your protocol.

With the Skinny Up!™ Program, you may choose the length of your protocol:

In 23 days, you will lose 10-20 pounds.
In 40 days, you will lose 20-40 pounds.

You lose an average of 0.5 to 2.0 pounds of adipose fat per day.
You re-set your metabolism, enabling your body to maintain the weight loss.
You reshape, resize, detox and de-stress.

Skinny Up!™ Basics

What is Skinny Up!™ Reduce?

Skinny Up!™ Reduce is a sublingual (under the tongue) weight loss support product, which includes herbal support and flower essences. Skinny Up!™ Reduce helps your body access the hard-to-reach adipose fat while providing support for your organs and combating anxieties.

Here’s to a new you!

The Skinny Up!™ team